Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Continuous learning...

As the continuation of my knowledge upgrading, I will add some other things which are very rewarding both for students and teachers. These things are very good for improvement of many skills like writing, reading, speaking and vocabulary. At the very beginning, I will add How many words do you know? | Word Dynamo
dynamo.dictionary.com. It is very interesting site where one can learn a lot of it. At the same time, one can expend his/her vocabulary. There are many interesting and constructive quizzes and one can also create his/her own quiz. When you finish the quiz, you can see your score and level of your performance. On the other side, there is a dictionary. The dictionary is consisted of many languages so one can use it if there is misunderstanding of the words.Here is a home page of Word Dynamo:

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As the second part of my career development, I also attend the Webinars which are given for free from all over the world. As I mentioned in my previous post, I mostly attend the Webinars at simplek12.com. There are many useful and helpful seminars where you can find a lot of web tools which can help you improve your learning and teaching environment. They are also rewarding for teachers and for their professional development. The seminar is consisted of many constructive web tools which can help both teachers and students. In this way, students can enhance many skills which are necessary for them to know English better. Here is the seminar's replay: View the webinar and get your free eBook here

The most important thing is that all these seminars are free. You can watch and attend them without paying any dime. 
Just visit the site and you can gain a lot of knowledge. Here is the URL: http://simplek12.com/tlc/webinars/.

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