Thursday, 19 April 2012

Continuous PD (professional development)...

At the very beginning, I would like that to say that I am really glad to have friends from all over the world especially those ones who studied with me at the University of Oregon. They are all true experts. I also want to point out that I am so happy of being able to access to many rewarding web tools which are very constructive for learning and teaching English.

At first, I would like to say a few words about Grammar movies. They are all very useful and helpful both for teachers and students. The movies are consisted of interesting and motivating clips which explains grammar in every detail. They are also illustrated with examples, e.g. how and when to use a certain tense. If you want to use them in your teaching process, you can just visit this page at Grammar movies

On the other hand, there are also tips how to build positive relationship with English Language Learners. If you want to find more about the tips, just click here Seven Tips for Building Positive Relationships with English Language Learners,

I would also recommend a Word Dynamo. It is very interesting site for students where they can improve their vocabulary by doing the quizzes. It is very motivating and all levels of English are included. All quizzes are scored, too. Here is the address: How many words do you know? | Word Dynamo,

I also want to remind you of Webinars which are very rewarding and helpful for teachers. There are many of them and teachers can find a lot about new methods and ways of teaching. They can also make their teaching process more appealing and motivating where both students and teachers can contribute to better ways of gaining new knowledge. If you want do your professional development, here are some addresses where you can do it:
1) Classroom 2.0 LIVE -

I warmly recommend you to attend the webinars because the professional development is very important part for all teachers.

Best regards