Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Wrap-up

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it. 
Margaret Fuller

No, no, no. I won’t believe that this is the wrap-up of this fabulous course and that this is the end of the virtual journey. I am a little bit sad, but I am so happy because I learned many constructive things and I have many dear friends from all over the world. What to say about the course? I am so afraid of not missing any word of praise and every word is redundant or if I can say that I do not know which word to use to describe the course. At the very beginning, I want to thank to our dear core instructor Janine for her unselfish support and for her encouraging feedback in every moment. 
I also want to thank to the American Embassy in Sarajevo for funding this scholarship and thanks to the University of Oregon AEI for offering such a wonderful course. I would also like to thank to my dear Mum for supporting me.  
Referring to all things we found about during the course, I dare to say that they are all very, very rewarding and very, very helpful. At first, I would like to say a few words about the blog. This is very useful tech tool which I prefer so much. The blog can be used for students as the additional lessons of English. Students can improve many skills which are very important for them to know English better. In this way, students can also become autonomous learners what is the goal of many teachers. We can also share the sites which students can use for their development. Students can participate in creating the blog, too. On the other hand, there is a Nicenet classroom. I simply like this classroom. As I tried the classroom with my students, I would warmly recommend it to all my colleagues. It is very helpful both for teachers and students. A Nicenet classroom can serve as the additional lectures where we can prompt our students to achieve better goals and they can develop their skills of being independent, too. I can say that my students developed their self-confidence and that the *shy* ones make so great progress. I am the happiest teacher in the world when I see this. As regards the WebQuest, I would also recommend this to all teachers. On one side, it is a very good tool where one can write his/hers lessons plans and it will be stored in one place. The lesson plans can be shared with other people too because it will available at any time. A WebQuest is also rewarding for students where they can develop their team skills which often miss during the traditional classes. 
When I think about a *delicious* page, I must say that it is really delicious. The page is very rewarding for teachers. Thus, all our favourite sites can be stored in one place and we can share our URL address and our colleagues can visit it. What I like about the delicious page is that we can enter it wherever we are. I also have to mention many constructive sites which students can use in order to boost many skills, e.g. writing, speaking, listening, vocabulary, grammar skills and so on. To tell the truth, I am fond of all things which we picked up during this great course and this worthy time we all spent jointly sharing our experiences.

A friend should be one in whose understanding and virtue we can equally confide, and whose opinion we can value at once for its justness and its sincerity.
Robert Hall

One of my hobbies is writing the poetry, so I decided to write a poem which is dedicated to Janine and to all my dear classmates. Here it is:


The sound which can make you happy
And show you everything
It is the sound of friendship

You can feel so much better
Knowing that you will be going through
Everything, together

Every problem you tell will be understood
If you have somebody
Who can feel everything, just like you.

Every true friend will give you the best advice,
If you’re wrong somewhere, or mistaken
In your heart

Sometimes it can be the same heart
Every dream can be made to come true

But in the end it’s the sound of friendship
Which makes you feel better
In these days of misunderstanding.
Dear Janine,
Thank you so much for being always our greatest support through the course. It meant a lot. Thank you so much for your encouraging feedback and for sharing your experiences with all of us. I wish you all the best in your future life and career.

Now thanks to all my dear classmates: Fernando, Zun, Davor, Anna, Nasser, Chiyoko, Hilal, Amina, Onesmo, Katya , Wesonga, Kaori, Yasir , Lina, Gladys Yeh, Denise, Celina.

My dear classmates,
Thank you so much for all your feedback and for all your honest comments. I wish you everything the best in your future lives and careers. I hope that you and your students will achieve great goals by using all these rewarding tools which we learned about in this *fabulous* course.
I hope that we will stay an *academic family* and I warmly invite you all to be my dear guests in my country.

P.S. I have to say that I have my LoTI results. Here they are:
These are my results:

  • Digital – Age work and learning – Mid-level priority
  • Digital – Age Learning Experiences and Assessments – Mid-level priority
  • Student Learning and Creativity – High-level priority
  • Professional Growth and Leadership – Mid-level priority
  • Digital Citizenship and Responsibility – Low-level priority

If you want to see your own results, it is available at  

At the very end, I must say that I am the happiest and the richest person and a teacher in the world. I have many friends and I’ve got a lot of knowledge which will help me to move the obstacles of making my dreams to come true.


  1. Hi Rade,
    I really appreciate your articles, which always give me a lot of tips.
    You are very capable and smoothly handle the assignments.
    I am very glad to know there are many fervent teachers in the world, and happy to be a classmates of them.
    I would like to keep in tough with all of you in the future.

    1. Hello Chiyoko,

      Thanks for your comment. It is very encouraging. I hope that we will all keep in touch through our blogs and e-mails. You are all invited to be my dear guests.

      Everything the best.


  2. Dear Rade,

    Your final reflection is amazing. I like reading your 'Friendship' poem. I am remembering every moment of the past weeks while reading the last week blog posts of all of you. We are now enriched with marvelous teaching techniques and resources. Let's keep in touch, ok?

    Wish you the best of luck and success in your career and life.

    1. Dear Zun,

      Thanks so, so much for your comment and for your active participation during this *fabulous* course. Yes, I remember everything, too. It was great time spent with all of you. I am the happiest and the richest person because I have so *great* friends and professionals all over the world.
      Yes, we will keep in touch.

      Everything the best


  3. Hi Rade

    It was really great to share these ten weeks with all of you. You remembered all our names!!!!!! you rock!!!! Honestly, thanks a lot for your honest sharing. BTW, nice poem! Do not forget to join Nando's facebook account



    1. Hello Katya,

      Thanks for your comment. I have already joined the group Webskills UO on Facebook.

      Best regards